Special Episode! Krishnadasi 1st August 2016 Today Written Updates

Special Episode! Krishnadasi 1st August 2016 Today Written Updates :- The upcoming crux of the TV series Krishnadasi is all set to showcase a huge melodrama in which Kumudini will be seen taking the decision to make Shravani a Devadasi as Sindoor pours on here Maang but something will happen in which Ardhaya will be realised that Shravani is doing drama and she will become sceptical for her.

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Krishnadasi  Today Written Updates

So tonight episode of the TV series Krishnadasi will start with Kumudini will be seen doing the planning and plotting with Nakku in which she will be speaking about way by which she can separate Aradhya and Aryan forever.

Shravani will be here the conversation and she will smirk as she is also planning the same. Sashwat will be seen Aaba is sitting idle in the Rao house and he is very worried and upset about something. Sashwat will be asked to him what happen why he is worried.

Aaba will be asked to Sashwat that he is worried because of the Panchayat which is all set to happen today in which Sarpanch will be seen taking a decision. Sashwat asked to Aaba what we can do now with that as you are not Sarpanch anymore.

Aaba asked to him that I am worried about only Aradhya and Aryan and I wish that they will not pay for the sin done by me. He just cursed himself that he tortured too many innocent people b y using this illegal system of Devadasi Pratha and now the whole Rao family is paying for it.

Aaba said that I don’t want Aradhya and Aryan’s love to be shattered but now they are divorced, we have to do something as I am aware if it that Kumudini can go on any level to tortured Rao family.

On the other hand, now Kumudini is on her way to make Shravani a Krishnadaasi aka Devadasi. Stay tuned for more updates’ of the show Krishnadaasi.