Aryan & Shravani Taking Pheras! Krishnadasi 20th September 2016 Written Updates

Aryan & Shravani Taking Pheras! Krishnadasi 20th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi showcased after bumping into Uday’s lawyer, Aryan discovers the truth that Aradhya and Uday are not legally married.


Meanwhile, after being threatened by Jairaj at gunpoint, Shravani ingeniously tricks Kumudini into transferring all the property into her name even before the marriage. Earlier, Aradhya frantically tries to help Abhasaheb, who is injured in an accident caused by Jairaj.

Much before that when Bhamani was going somewhere with Abhasaheb suddenly Abhasaheb go dizzy and faint. Then Bamani shocked to see so and she realised that must be Abhasaheb has been attacked Jairaj and now Jairaj is all set to attack Shravani.

Bhamani called Aradhya and asked her to come there to see that Aradhya is helping her to take Abhasaheb to the hospital. Bhamani asked to Aradhya that Shravani’s life is in danger and she asked to Aradhya that we need to save her. Aradhya is stunned to know that Jairaj is after Shravani to kill her.

Aradhya asked to Bhamani that why Jairaj wants to kill Shravani and Bhamani asked to her it is so as Jairaj thinks that Shravani informed to police about Jairaj. Shravani is getting ready for her wedding and Jairaj joined her.

Jairaj also asked to Shravani that she need to sign somewhere where Jairaj will be asked her to do so. Shravani tires to make him fool but all goes in vain as Jairaj sense that it is Shravani is making him fool. Shravani as per Jairaj’s recommendation makes Kumudini sign the paper to have the property.

Aryan sense that Uday’s wedding with Aradhya is fake and he asked Uday to speak the truth but Uday still unable to speak the truth with teary eyes but Aryan holds his collar and asked him to speak the truth to see Uday is looking.

Precap: Raj is grabbing Shravani by the neck, Aradhya asks Raj to leave, she holds a gun and says leave her otherwise I will shoot you Raj, Raj strangles Shravani, Aradhya actually shoot Raj.

Damini comes and says sorry Aradhya but we have to arrest you. Aryan says to Aradhya that if you ever loved me then marry Shravani and accept her as your wife then I will be also live in jail peacefully. Damini handcuffs her and takes her away. Aryan is shown taking Pheras with Shravani while Aradhya is standing there in criminal’s Saree with teary eyes she is peeping at Aryan.