Aradhya is running on road! Krishnadasi 22nd August 2016 Written Updates

Aradhya is running on road! Krishnadasi 22nd August 2016 Written Updates :- In the upcoming climax of the TV series Krishnadasi to witness a leap in which Aradhya will very soon die and Aryan will become a Devdas; Shravani will be having a drastic makeover.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi 22nd August 2016 Written Updates

In Krishnadasi, Kumudini has been trying to separate Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Sheikh), with each other because of family problems. Although, Aaba Saheb wants Aradhya to reunite with Aryan, but Kumudini is still in the enmity with the Rao family and she doesn’t want that.

In the previous episode, we saw how Shashwat and David shocked to know that somebody has mixed poison in the Prasad. David sees Jairaj and he is having doubt on Jairaj that he did so. She also follows Jairaj to catches him but fails to catch him.

On the other hand, Shravani mixes a drug in Aryan’s Prasad on Kumudini’s order so after eating Prasad Aryan went unconscious and on his unconscious state Shravani went intimate with him.

When the family arrives they see that Shravani is sitting beside Aryan and she cover herself with a comfort. She is also crying seems like she had sex with Aryan last night which makes Aradhya hurts and she slaps Aryan with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Aradhya, David, and police follow Jairaj, and he arrives in the Bhamini’s house. Aradhya misunderstands that Bhamini is also involved in the work but Bhamini, who is actually innocent, remains silent and recalls about Aradhya also thinks that she only want Aradhya to be happy.

Aradhya is unaware that Bhamini is her Aaji and she asked the police to arrest Jairaj with Bhamini. In the mean time, Aradhya is shocked to know that in Prasad there is poisoned and she rushes to Aryan from stop taking the Prasad.

Meanwhile, Aaba Saheb also starts blaming Kumudini by saying that it must be Kumudini’s plan to add poisoned in the Prasad. He threatens her to get her arrested ASAP when he bumps with Kumudini somehow.

When Aradhya reaches Kumudini’s home, Shravani on seeing Aradhya started doing drama and asked to her that how she is feeling guilty as last night she slept with Aryan.

Aryan refused to believe so and tries to explain the reality to Aradhya but all go in vain as Aradhya did so hear anything and she left from the site. Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series Krishnadaasi.