Aradhya is shocked! Krishnadasi 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aradhya is shocked! Krishnadasi 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with; Kumudini requests that Nakku brings breakfast before she bites the dust. Shravani says I need to eat from your hands today; your incredible terrific child will like it as well; Kumudini says yes, you both wanna go on wedding trip? Gayatri says they sent us just, it was misconception, Bhamini aaji made us comprehend that you are innocent,Kumudini says I know this is all show, on the off chance that this is genuine then request that her folks come and say sorry, David says they are humiliated, they need you to come once, Gayatri says its not high that we don’t have great connection, Kumudini says I don’t trust you, individuals,, she won’t come, Shravani says its my guardian’s welcome, i will go without a doubt, Kumudini says have you gone distraught?


Uday comes there; Kumudini inquires as to why did you come as well? Uday says your adoration brought me here yet I have sought the business organization with Aryan; he says to Aryan that i need to converse with alone, Aryan goes out with him.

Aryan asks Uday what isn’t right with you? Aradhya is in prison, and you need to discuss business? Aryan puts document and begins to leave, and Shravani says I would have loved on the off chance that you had accompanied me for the page there; Aryan says I have work, he clear out.Shravani sees it, however, doesnt get and abandons it there.

Gayatri says to Asia that Shravani consented to come yet my companion denied giving prescription which makes individual talk truth, he says that he will be suspended. Aaba says then in what manner will we make Shravani proclaim truth? Markand says simply let me know names of those prescriptions, I will bring it, Banwari says I am a master in making individuals lightheaded, simply give me the name of it.

Aradhya says don’t know Aryan got my message or not, don’t recognize what Shravani is arranging; God shields Aryan from her. Prison guard brings sustenance for Aryan requests that she eats; Aradhya says I am not eager. Damini says you need to rebel against us? We don’t let anybody pass on; Aradhya says you don’t know what I am experiencing; Damini asks what are you considering? Aradhya reviews how Uday asked her to not advise truth to anybody as it will caution Shravani, she says you were correct, I cannot stay away from court, truth will be found there, its futile to maintain a strategic distance from nourishment, I will eat it, she takes sustenance and begins eating it, Damini is befuddled and supposes so much change? How could she have been able to she get any desire for living once more? Aradhya says I will advise truth to court; Aryan got hitched yet why it would be a good idea for me to surrender my life? Why would it be a good idea for me to pass on? Damini says you intend to say that you will tell the court that you slaughtered in self-protection? Aradhya gestures, Damini says then why don’t give articulation now as it were? Aradhya says not, just in court, Damiani believes that she is concealing something from me.

Aryan messages Uday to meet him at mandir, they need to meet clergyman. He discovers document in the dustbin, he brings it out and reviews how Uday is requesting that he read implicit words; he says did Uday needed to give some message? Aryan checks document yet doesn’t discover anything critical, Aradhya’s note is as yet lying on the floor, Aryan takes paper and says its bill, he says to Nakku that this bill, guard it; he offers it to her; she takes off.

Nakku puts Aradhya’s note on the table. Kumudini is perched by that table as it were. Shravani comes there and sees that note. She opens it and peruses Aradhya’s note; she is stunned to peruse it. She didn’t keep in touch with anything unmistakably; Kumudini asks what are you perusing? Shravani says pharmaceutical solution.

A priest checks Aradhya’s case and says to Aryan that Aradhya slaughtered Raj? t Aryan stops him and says sorry for his benefit; he says I concur with it; today says what? Aryan says this is only one house, I can give everything for Aradhya, she is my beginning and end, Uday imagines that appear like Aryan read Aradhya’s message that is the reason he is making a decent attempt to free her, Aryan asks clergyman what he can do?

Ardhya will message why you are trying to save me. Minister told Aryan give me paper and get her freed. Aryan told Minister that you would not get the free hand, you will get the paper.

Damini will tell Ardhya that you just told Minister that you killed Raj in self-defense and may be he will let you free. Aradhya says I hope Aryan will read my note and rest of the family will stay away from Shravani’s plan.


Shravani will mix the poison in food and offered whole Rao family. They all eat food and falls. Shravani smiles. On the other side, Dancer put kerosene oil in jail and told Aradhya that I would burn the whole place and you as per ordered by Sharavi. Aradhya get shocked.