Shravani Falls Down! Krishnadasi 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shravani Falls Down! Krishnadasi 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The TV series Krishnadasi is now touted to focus on how Shravani will stop at nothing to have her way, so she makes a sinister plan to get rid of the Rao family and Aradhya for good. Earlier, Aryan strikes a deal with a minister to give up his ancestral property to free Aradhya from prison. Meanwhile, a letter meant for Aryan from Aradhya reaches Shravani’s hands. Elsewhere, Abhasaheb and his family plan on exposing Shravani.


Anyway the last week episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Sharavani, Aryan and Kumudini are having breakfast together. Shravani did drama in front of Kumudini that she wants her to feed her food as her baby in the womb wishes for that. Kumudini asked to Shravani that she want Aryan and Shravani to go for the honey moon after the wedding, Aryan did not reply anything.

Gayatri and David arrive in the Devadasi’s mansion where Shravani and Kumudini taunt them. But Gayatri and David both of them have a common goal which is yet to complete here. Uday arrives for a business deal with Aryan to discuss but Shravani taunts him too. Uday also taunts him and when Shravani asked Aryan to come with her for the Pak Phere Rasam, but Aryan scolded her and leaves.

Out of jealous Shravani throws the file of Uday in the dustbin by saying that he will be doing business with my Aryan he can’t do this. Although when Aryan sees that the business file is in the dustbin he just lashes out by saying who dares to throw this file.

The minister asked Uday and Aryan that if Aradhya will give statement to the court that she killed Jairaj Deshmukh for her own safety she can have pardoned. Aryan and Uday think how they can convince Aradhya to say so. Damini also asked to Aradhya that she need to speak to the minister that she killed Jairaj by her self-defence as then she may be received pardon and Aradhya gives the nod.

Sharvani thinks a way to trapped Aradhya as by trapping Aradhya she can have Aryan. To accomplished her this goal she sends a letter to an inmate of Aradhya via food tiffin box and after reading the letter the inmate feels that she have to know why Shravani is after Aradhya.

Precap: Shravani comes in the kitchen and says today will be last lunch of my family; she mixes poison in food and serves it to the Rao family. All eat food and starts coughing, they all fall down as they are now suffering.
Shashwat tried to strangle Shravani but falls down too, Shravani sees the whole family dying and she smiles.

Dancer pours kerosene in jail; Aradhya asks what you are doing? Dancer says to her that I received money to do so. Aradhaya is shocked now.