Kumudini falls on floor! Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Kumudini falls on floor! Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The TV series Krishnadasi now is yet showcasing that Aryan rushes the Raos to the hospital where he finds out that the jail that Aradhya was in has gone up in flames. Will Aradhya survive? Later, the doctor reveals to Kumudini that Aradhya had always been her well-wisher and had decided to donate her kidney to Kumudini. This causes Kumudini to have a breakdown.


The last episode of the TV series Krishnadasifurther shows that Shravani calls Kumudini and Kumudini asked to her that she can’t give the property to Aryan anymore as she actually reveals to Aryan that Kumudini transfers the entire property in the name of Shravani.

Kumudini asked to Shravani that she need to do this as she needs to thinks about her baby. Shravani gives the nod and the doctor arrived at Kumudini and he asked to her that she was suffering from the damaged of the kidney but now she is okay and the doctor also reveal this how it is actually Aradhya saved her.

Kumudini is shocked to know the truth and she feels guilty of being always rude to Aradhya but Aradhya was always there to support her. Kumudini just broke down in tears after realized that she always tortures Aradhya. Aradhya is shocked to see that Kamili is busy burning the police station and she is keen to kill the inmates of the jail.

Aradhya thinks to save the inmates of the jail as she is in no mood to let die these innocence people. Aradhya became panic and thinks to save those people. Aryan is shocked to know that in the Krishnavati jail fire took place in which so many people dies.

Aryan recalled that it is the same jail from where Aradhya is and he rushes to save Aradhya. Still Aryan is unaware of anything but on seeing that the dozens of the dead body are coming from the Krishnavati jail, Shravani became too happy on thinking that Aradhya is dead and must she will be see the dead body of Aradhya.

Aryan now sees Kamli’s dead body consider it that it is Aradhya’s dead body and Aryan now broken down in tears.
Precap:Aryan is about to put garland on Aradhya’s picture. Kumudnini snatches it and says you won’t put garland on her photo, she is alive, and my Aaru is alive.

Aryan asked to Kumudini that on seeing this photo you will be realised that you kill Aradhya. Kumudini is broken down in tears and screams Aaru…..