Krishnadasi 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Aradhya comes out of car!

Krishnadasi 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Aradhya comes out of car! :- The TV series Krishnadasi is all set to showcase now that on seeing unable to accept the fact that Aradhya is no longer alive, Kumudini loses her mind. But, is Aradhya really dead! It is still not clear.


Elsewhere, Abhasaheb recovers and finds out from Uday that most of the members of the Rao family are no longer alive. Earlier, Uday gets suspicious about Shravani.

The episode of the Krishnadasi is further shown that Aryan is shattered to know that Aradhya is no more and despite he did not see her dead body he presume that she is dead and decided to put garland on her photo.

In that time when Aryan was about to put garland on the picture of Aradhya, Kumudini arrives and she stops her from doing so. She also asked Aryan that we put garland on the photo when the person dies but my Aaru is alive. On hearing that Aryan fumes on anger and he was having tears in his eyes.

He also blames Kumudini for the demise of Aradhya. Shravani is desperate to see Aradhya’s dead body. Aryan shares his pain with Uday who is also upset to see the demise of Aradhya. Abhasaheb gets conscious and he asked to the hospital authority that where is my family.

They also eat poisonous food but the government doctor said they don’t know anything they only see him so they save him after his treatment done.

Abhasaheb shares the fact of Shravani that how she tries to kill the Rao family makes Aryan fumes on anger as well he thinks how he can save the Rao family now who is missing. The entire village goes angry on Kumudini and they consider that because of this Devadasi, Krishnavati village suffers a lot.

They think to harm Kumudini but Damini stops them by saying that now the research about the issue is going on and we need to search the same properly. She also pledges to the villagers by saying that if we find Kumudini is the culprit then the law will be giving her punishment.

She also asked villagers that they should not take law into their hands, and accident of the Krishnavati village go viral and the entire blame Kumudini for the same after boycotting her. Uday and Abhasaheb decided to punish Shravani.

When the entire village actually cursed Kumudini she just looked in deep shocked and shattered, she can’t even realise now that the entire village hates her.

Precap: Aradhya comes out of the car, she is dressed nicely, and she arrived in the Krishnavati border. She touches the sand and puts it on the forehead, she also takes a vow that she will punish the person who dares to kill her family.