Maha Episode! Krishnadasi 2nd August 2016 Today Written Updates

Maha Episode! Krishnadasi 2nd August 2016 Today Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi starts with Shravani sitting with some women. She thinks that Kumudini has some plan but I can go on any level to fulfil my dreams and she also recalled how she hears Kumudini’s conversations with Nakku against her.

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Shravani makes a plan in her heart that in the Panchayat something will happen in which Kumudini’s plan will fail anyway then I will start my drama.

Sashwat and Aaba are worried thinking that Kumudini should not do anything which will be harm Aradhya and Aryan. Shashwat and Aaba also want Aradhya and Aryan to be together but both of them can’t do anything as Aaba is not Sarpanch anymore.

Aaba is thinking about his sin he did in his past life as he tortured so many innocent people from the village, he wishes that Aradhya and Aryan will not have to pay for the sins he committed as he is having the gut feeling that his sins will be the comeback to him.

Aryan says that I have to tell Aradhya that I am going to Pune. He calls Aradhya and asked her to meet with him but due to Aradhya sound tensed, he asked the same to her but Aradhya asked to him that don’t talk while driving, I will narrate everything to you when we will meet, Aryan gives the nod.

Kumudini takes Sharvani in the Panchayat, Kumudini asked to her that she no need to be worried. The villagers think that they arrive here for Aradhya and Aryan. Now the woman from a village asked to Kumudini that once Aryan announced that he will be taking responsibility of Shravani then he must do so.

Shravani asked to the villagers that Aryan is a great man; don’t drag him in all these things. Aryan and Aradhya now meet with each other and they embraced each other. Aryan also asked to Aradhya that he want her to be in his life.

Now Kumudini asked the entire incident to Chima Ji and asked him to take the decision. Chima Ji asked to the Panchayat that when Aryan touch Shravani Kumkum touches her Maang then he must take responsibility of Shravani. Aaba says you can’t do this.

As if Aryan will be with Shravani then it will ruin Aradhya’s life but Kumudini said that Chima Ji’s decision is final and we must follow Sarpanch. Sashwat and Aaba Saheb are shocked.