Bhamini attack kumudini! Krishnadasi 30th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Bhamini attack kumudini! Krishnadasi 30th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi it has been shown Kumudini asked to Shravani that she want her to marry Aryan as she is being conceived with his baby. Shravani did her drama on listening that she will not marry Aryan to have sympathy. But Kumudini asked to her that nothing like that it is a norm that who is there to protect Devadasi, he can even marry the Devadasi.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi 30th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

At the hospital, Aryan convinces Aradhya to accept the money for Bhamini’s operation from him. She initially refused to have money from Aryan but when Aryan asked to her that till now you fail to arrange money for Ajji then take it from me and she gives the nod.

After the surgery, Bhamini reveals the truth about her fake death, but panics on seeing Abha Saheb. Later, the plot thickens as Kumudini learns that Bhamini is Shravani’s grandmother. Means, Shravani is actually the sister to Aradhya and Aradhya asked Bhamini Ajji to arrange her wedding with Aryan, which makes Bhamini shocked as she thinks Aryan is married to Aradhya.

But Shravani asked Bhamini that Aryan and Aradhya are now done with their wedding and they already take divorced. Now she is being conceived with Aryan’s kid and she will be marrying him as per Kumudini Ajji’s wish. Bhamini wants Aryan and Aradhya to be reunited and she also bless Aryan for the same.

Jairaj thinks that Shravani will be marrying her after deceiving Aryan but Shravani considers Jairaj as fool as she is no plan to marry him. In fact, she wants to marry Aryan for ever with motives to deceive Jairaj only to have Aryan’s wealth forever.

Abha Saheb feels embarrassed to see Bhamani’s hatred towards him and for that, he has been broken down in tears to see Sashwat asked to him that still now Aayee is not aware of you that you have been changed. He asked Abha Saheb that very soon she will be forgiven you to start a new life with you.

Kumudini is shocked to see that Bhamani is alive. Shravani asked to Bhamani that Kumudini Ajji will be speaking with you about my and Aryan’s wedding.

Precap: Bhamini attacks Kumudini in the wardroom with scissor Gayatri holds Bhamani on time, but Bhamini shouts at her. Aradhya says to Aryan that Bhamini Ajji went through surgery right now and she asked him to stop Kumudini Ajji from complaining about problems to her now as now Bhamani Ajji need to cure up first.

Aradhya asked Aryan to gives a nod for marrying Shravani as then Kumudini will be stop complaining about me to her. Aryan is stunned to hear so and looks on.