Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Aradhya & aryan get romantic

Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Aradhya & aryan get romantic :- As of the TV series Krishnadasi is all set to showcase Two months have passed by and Aradhya miraculously wakes up from a coma. Abhasaheb explains why they had to put up a whole charade about her being dead and motivates her to go seek vengeance.


After two months, while Kumudini spirals into insanity waiting for Aradhya’s return, Aradhya arrives at Krishnavati with a new found confidence, ready to take back what is rightfully hers in a new avatar, ‘Maharani Aruna Devi’!

Anyway the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi further shows that Uday and Abhasaheb arrives here in the Rao amnsion where they hear that Shravani asked to him that it is Aryan who helped her to kill the Rao family. It is actually Shravani bring Aryan to closes herself by feeding him something intoxicated to showcase that Aryan was with Shravani in her all evil works.

Uday is unable to believe that Aryan can do something like that but Abhasaheb asked to him that this is truth. Uday and Abhasaheb sighing to know that Aradhya is alive and Abhasaheb vows to kill the Devdaasi family as Aryan killed the entire Rao family.

Aradhya recalled how she receives bail as she saves Minister Saab from the fire and shocked to know that the entire Rao family is killed by Shravani and Aryan supports her to do so. Kumudini goes crazy for Aradhya and she pledges to Lord Krishna to bring back Aradhya.

Shravani started torturing Kumudini by keeping her lock in an isolated room which doesn’t like by Nakku but she can’t say anything to Shravani.

Now Aradhya and Abhasaheb decided to seek revenge from everybody who ruins her life and snatches her own Rao family from her. Abhasaheb considers it second birth of Aradhya only with the mission to finish the culprit of Rao family.
Aradhya also applies Krishnavati mud on her forehead and she swears to seek revenge for the atrocities’. She also assures to Abhasaheb that in the path of her mission she won’t be weak.

Precap: Aradhya is in the market, Aryan is in the same market. Aradhya wipes her forehead with the towel, but towel slips from her hands and fall on. On another side, Aryan also wipes forehead but his towel also got slip and fall down. Both Aradhya and Aryan turn to take the towel but they did not see each other.