Krishnadasi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Shravani & Aryan get shocked

Krishnadasi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Shravani & Aryan get shocked :- The TV series Krishnadasi is now all set to showcase that Aradhya arrives at Krishnavati with Abhasaheb and misses bumping into Aryan. A mentally unstable Kumudini, who is praying at a temple, senses Aradhya’s presence and starts running to get hold of her. Meanwhile, Shravani convinces Aryan to put the house up for an auction. Later, Aradhya vows to seek vengeance and plans to buy the house.


The last week episode of the show depicted that how Shravani became rude in the Devadasi mansion and she lock Kumudini Ajji there as she is now just going crazy by taking name Aaru, Aaru and Aaru after her demise. Shravani doesn’t like that and she is busy torturing Kumudini now.

Nakku is already shocked to see Shravani’s changed behaviour and she just surprised to see that Shravani plan to sell the Devadasi mansions but Nakku can’t say anything to Shravani so she follows her.

Abha Saheb asked to Aradhya that now he is keen that she should teach the lesson to this Devadasi family as Shravani being a Devadasi family Bahu (Daughter-in-law) kill the Rao family. Aryan was doing mechanism in the road where Aradhya arrives in her new get up but they did not see each other.

Some Kumudini catches glimpses of Aradhya and her just crazy to see her. She tries to catches Aradhya and she considers that this is Krishna Leela that now Aradhya is back in the city. Shravani is annoyed with Aradhya and Tulis’s pictures, she also cursed them but she also said that now I can’t do as now I am married to Aryan.

Shravani did her drama in front of Aryan that he needs to do the factory work then she will not have to sell the house but Aryan looks did not affect with Shravani and he asked to her that she should sell the entire Devdaasi mansions as after Aradhya goes from his life now the property and the mansion doesn’t matter to him.

Aradhya takes a vow that she will be seeking revenge from the culprit of the Rao family anyway and she also thinks to buy the Devdasi as the mansion. She also announced to Abha Saheb that she will peep the house properly before buying it as the house fetches’ her lot of hatred so she needs to seek revenge anyway.

Precap: Announcer says Sangapur’s queen Arona is entering the house. Aradhya and Uday enter Aryan’s house, Shravani and Aryan are shocked, Shravani drops the flowers of her hands and Aryan looks shocked now.