Krishnadasi 4th October 2016 Written Updates: Aaryan Shocked to see Aradhya!

Krishnadasi 4th October 2016 Written Updates: Aaryan Shocked to see Aradhya! :- The TV series Krishnadasi is now all set to showcase that Vishal, the financial advisor for Aradhya a.k.a., Maharani Aruna Devi, wins the bid at the auction. Shravani asks Aryan to invite Maharani Aruna Devi for dinner, unaware of the fact that she is Aradhya. Aryan is surprised to find Uday at the Maharani’s house. Later to further deteriorate Kumudini’s mental health, Shravani gives her wrong medicines.


Anyway, the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi further shows that Aradhya asked Abha Saheb that she is keen to peep the Devadasi mansions before buying it as the house actually gives her more hatred and pain.

On the way to the Devadasi mansion, Aradhya is shocked to see that Shravani is embraced Aryan and the mansion is ready for the auctioned. Maha Raani Aruna Devi aka Aradhya’s advocate arrives in the Devadasi mansion and he announced that nobody is till now get succeed to buy this house ion the auctioned so now Maha Raani Aruna Devi will be buying the house.

Shravani did bitch of the Maha Raani Aruna Devi with Nakku but Nakku did not reply anything as she is sad to see the selling of this traditional mansion. Suddenly Kumudini arrives and she announced that she won’t let sell this mansion.

Aryan is too depressed and he shocked to see that there is Uday in the Maha Raani Aruna Devi’s house and Aryan asked Uday to come in the house to have the last meal in the house with him as the house will be auctioned now. Uday asked to him surely he will come.

Aryan did not see Aradhya and Abha Saheb there as they hide. Shravani is annoying with Kumudini Ajji as now Kumudini go crazy for Aradhya and round the clock only she is saying Aaru, Aaru and Aaru.

To make Kumudini calm down Shravani actually uses her evil trick and she just gives the wrong medicine to her for which Kumudini goes unconscious. Somehow Aryan feels that he must have no connections with Shravani in her evil deeds as he looks shattered now.

Abha Saheb asked to Aradhya about this that she can’t be weak as may be Aryan is pretending to be good as don’t forget that Aryan, Shravani and Kumudini killed the Rao family.

Precap: Devadasi family is shocked to see Aradhya as the Maha Raani Aruna Devi