Krishnadasi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Aradhya gets angry

Krishnadasi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Aradhya gets angry :- The TV series Krishnadasi is now yet to showcases that after having anticipated Aradhya’s return, Kumudini’s happiness knows no bounds when she sees her. She immediately recognises Abhasaheb as well. Earlier, Aryan is shocked when Shravani declares that Maharani Aruna Devi does not have a mole on her foot, as Aradhya did.


Later, in an attempt to get the truth out of Shravani, with regard to poisoning the Rao family, Aryan gets Shravani drunk. Will his plan succeed it is yet to clears!

The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Aryan asked Uday that he is very sure that she is Aradhya, not Maha Raani Aruna Devi for which Uday looks panic. Abha Saheb who is in different attire also looks worried.

Now Shravani and Aradhya have been seen discussing of the Devadasi Haveli (Mansion) and suddenly Kumudini Ajji arrives there and she started calling Aradhya who is pretending to be Maha Raani Aruna Devi, Aaru…. Aradhya go emotionally somehow to see Kumudini Ajji who became a crazy woman now.

Aradhya as Maha Raani Aruna Devi hand over a huge amount to Shravani for the mansion and Shravani is very happy to see the money. After having the money she started behaving badly with Nakku. Aryan come to her and asked her that she did right by selling this inauspicious Haveli (Mansion) but it was a trick of Aryan to reveal the reality of Shravani.

Abha Saheb scolded Aradhya in the Rao mansion as she turns weak in front of Kumudini as Abha Saheb asked to her that she need to seek revenge on the Devadasi family as they killed the Rao family.

Regarding the issue, Aradhya asked Abha Saheb that it will be difficult for her to do this drama but she will be doing so to take revenge from Aryan and Shravani.

Precap: Shravani comes out of the room. Aryan says Shravani did you see the mole on her foot! Shravani says the Maha Raani is having the mole on her feet.