Uday Propose Aradhya! Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Episode Written updates

Uday Propose Aradhya! Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Uday proposes marriage to Aradhya in the presence of Aryan and Shravani. Will Aradhya accept this proposal and Uday is in love with her actually?


Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Earlier, while shopping for his wedding ‘sherwani’, Aryan sees Aradhya along with Uday at a bangle stall and feels jealous. Earlier, Shravani cunningly spins a yarn about her past and gets Bhamini to believe her and supports her.

Much before that Shravani narrates the entire story of her life how she became Devdaasi that Aryan’s Ajji promised to her that she will be getting her married with Aryan. Shravani asked to Bhamani that being a Devadasi is I can’t marry but Bhamani asked to Shravani that you will be marrying Aryan.

Aryan promised you that he will be taking care of you as a protector and when you are a Devadasi then being a protector Aryan can marry you actually. Bhamani also promised to Shravani that she is always there to support her.

Bhamani also asked Abha Saheb that she want Shravani to marry Aryan and also she requested to him let the wedding happen. Abha Saheb has somehow become sceptical of Shravani and till he is found something there must fishy is there.

Uday prepares lunch for the whole Rao family and he also announced that he will also serve the same. He also called Abha Saheb to join the Rao family in the lunch and the Rao family has been seen happy for Uday and his good gesture.

Uday is doing different things to impress Aradhya but Aradhya seems that she is neither impressed with Uday, not like his gestures’. Anyway, Uday asked to Ardhya that he want to marry her but Aradhya did not reply him.

Precap: Aryan fight with Uday as he dares to propose Aradhya and when Aradhya intervene and announced her wedding with Uday when Aryan tries to hit Uday. Aryan is stunned with the decision of Aradhya to marry Uday.