KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 26th October 2016 Written Updates! Tanuja To Save Rishi

KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 26th October 2016 Written Updates! Tanuja To Save Rishi :- Though Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) has agreed to marry Malaika, but still he is thinking of Tanuja who is actually the reincarnation of Tanu. Ahana, who has developed a soft spot for Tanuja, observes how much Rishi loves Tanuja but she feels pity to realize that Rishi is unable to confess his love for Tanuja. Raj also realized that Tanuja loves Rishi but Tanuja takes promises from him that he will never reveal the truth that she loves Rishi.


Raj also takes promises from Tanuja that she will not reveal this fact to anyone that Raj is sick so he will be also done not reveal this truth that she loves Rishi. Rano walks in and looks at them suspiciously as they promise to not reveal each other’s secrets and when Raj and Rano have encounter Raj just change the topic by asking to her that he is keen to have tea prepares by Rano.

Malaika gets a phone call that she asks Tanuja to attend and both Malaika and Tanuja apply Mehndi on their hands in the Mehendi ceremony. Now a guy calls Tanuja and speaks rudely to her which makes Tanuja shocked.

The guy wanted to speak to her something about Malaika but due to he did not speak anything Tanuja thinks to stay mute about the issue now as she does not want to ruin the Malaika or Rishi’s mood in this Mehendi ceremony.

Throughout the ceremony, Rishi and Tanuja look at each other uncomfortably. In the upcoming episode, Raj will see Malaika with the caller, who is actually Malaika’s boyfriend and the family, will be turn shocked. Malaika’s boyfriend wants to seek revenge from Rishi and she is just helping him by getting married to Rishi with an evil intention to kill Rishi after marriage.

Raaj will ask Tanuja about Malaika’s intentions and evil plans to stop Rishi from marrying her. Tanuja will then make numerous attempts in order to exposed Malaika and will end up getting married to Rishi, much to Rano’s disappointment. Rano will be anger to see this as perhaps Tanuja will be married Rishi instead of Malaika as per Tanu’s plan in order to stop Rishi’s wedding with Malaika.

Raj will be actually helping Tanuja to accomplish her mission but Raj and Tanu’s this gesture did not like by the Bedi family.