KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Spoiler: Rishi Tanuja Get Married

KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Spoiler: Rishi Tanuja Get Married :- In the upcoming episodes ‘Kasam’, We will see that Tanuja and Rishi are married somehow to each other after doing so many efforts from both sides.



The serial has taken a major leap of 20 years and now it seems to be on the same track where the duo will be unable to get their love and marry each other. In the older times, the duo faced the problems but not only from the side of Rano but also from the side of Malika. Mallika was about to marry Rishi. Rishi is in love with her again finds no possible attraction in Malika now.

Malika is blackmailing Rano for spoiling her life because she wants to marry Rishi and now as he is married to Tanuja she cannot do anything.

Rano is still unaware of the intentions of Malika. Rano promises her for turning out Tanuja from the house. Malika is waiting for Rano to take a strict action against Tanuja so that she can go close to Rishi.

Rano tries to make Rishi feel guilty for destroying the life of Malika. Rano’s trick worked on Rishi and he really feels guilty for doing wrong with Malika and now he has promised Rano to not go closer to Tanuja or to give any possible rights of the wife in his life.

Now, Rishi is in very big problem because of the promise which he has made to Rano. The conversation between Rano and Rishi is listened by Tanuja and tends to find out that, Rano is making Rishi feel guilty for nothing wrong. Rano starts doing his bit as her mother-in-law starts to make her feel her mistake for marrying Rishi without his approval.

Now, everything is on Rishi that he is going to listen to her mother or he will listen to his heart.