Ishwari is Shocked! Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Updates

Ishwari is Shocked! Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Updates :- On the last night Maha Episode of the TV series Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi it has been shown that Sona got engaged with Rithwik in a grand ceremony. She has invited Dev too for the function with a motive to make it very clear in front of him that she ahs moves in her life, now he need to move on.


Dev is in two minds regarding Sona’s engagement. Dev’s mother doesn’t want him to attain the engagement party of Sona as Dev’s mother is sceptical that Dev may be will be hurt to see Sona’s engagement with another guy Rithvik.

But Dev said that he will attain the function as he really doesn’t care of Sona now anymore and he also has been seen too calm and composed in the engagement party. He is actually possessed by his emotional overpowers but he is in no mood to accept that Dev can defeat.

Dev is actually unable to see Sona’s engagement with Rithvik but due to Sona is too wish to marry him; Dev think let Sona be happy now as her happiness is with Rithvik actually. During the time when Sona and Rithvik are about to exchanged ring, Dev just unable to see it and he hold the glass too tight and break it on his hands.

Afterward, blood started comes out of Dev’s hands and after having a massive bleeding he just goes faint on the floor by falling down. Everyone is shocked to see Dev’s situation, even Sona rushes to him after leaving Rithvik.

Sona started going panic to see Dev is unconscious. She rushes Dev to the hospital and also she is worried for Dev’s health. Rithvik on seeing Sona realised that she is still in love with Dev and by coming between them he is just going to separate the lovebirds and he decided to call off his wedding with Sona.

Precap: Bejoy asked to Sen and Ritwick that Sona helped Dev, out of humanity. Dev reaches home heavily inebriated murmuring. Ishwari is shocked to see Dev’s delicate situation.