Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2016 Written Updates! Pragya explains abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2016 Written Updates! Pragya explains abhi :- The last night episode of the TV series Kumkum Bhagya begins with Abhi announced to the media that Tanu is his girlfriend with who he is all set to tie the knot and if she is his girlfriend then why he should do inappropriate to her. The entire family is shocked to see so and Pragya is just looking upset to hear so.


Abhi also announced to the media that he will be very soon tying knot with Tanu which makes Pragya shattered. Dadi and Daasi now cursed Tanu and blame her that she is in the Bhalla house how rustic and shameless she is. Dadi asked about Tanu that I wish to drive her out from the Bhalla house and from the Abhi’s life.

Tanu looks annoyed and angry with Dadi and the Bhalla family’s words to see that suddenly Pragya fall down from the stairs. Abhi rushes to her and calls her Nikita as for Abhi Pragya is not Pragya she is Nikita. Abhi asked Nikita is she is alright and Pragya said she is alright. But Abhi looks tensed for her and asked her how can be she alright.

There is bleeding from her head and he asked Tanu that she need to apply for medicine on her wound. Abhi also catches her to his bed room where he asked Tanu to apply for medicine on her wound. Tanu looks annoyed but she did so.

Tanu also asked Alia that she always wanted to see Pragya is in pain but Alia asked to her that now you are in pain as Bhaai is applying for medicine on Pragya’s wound as on seeing Pragya is hurt Bhaai also hurt as Bhaai never tolerate any injustice to anyone.

Alia also explains to Tanu that right now we need to harm Pragya mentally more than physically as we need to hurt her mentally which will be hurt her heart and she will be having a breakdown. Tanu also thinks this and gives nod.

Abhi applies medicine on over the wound of Pragya and looked on to see that Pragya is just starring at him and both of them just have an eye lock. Abhi looks romantically on Pragya.