Aaliya is taken aback! Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Aaliya is taken aback! Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The show starts with Abhi asked Pragya why you did? You played a wrong CD, and I got insulted. I thought you are my No. 1 champion, but now, I will remove the poster of you and me that I keep in my office. Pragya told her that she did not do anything wrong. Pragya goes from there.


Aaliyah thinks today Bhai showed Pragya her actual position, and now she will never come back to the office. Then, after some time Abhi came back to Pragya and told her that you are a big fan, and I have the right to scold you whenever you are wrong. Pragya told her that I did not do anything, But Abhi refuses to believe her.

Abhi asked Pragya not to cry as he does not like seeing her cry. Pragya told him that she never asked him to call her his No, one fan neither she asked him to put her poster to keep in his office. In between this, some girls came there for the interview of Abhi. Pragya resumes scolding him and later, she continued berating him. Abhi thinks his event got destroyed, and now, Pragya is scolding her. Pragya goes from there, and Abhi also walked from there, and he was feeling a bit embarrassed.

Pragya walked to Abhi’s poster and was scolding him. Porub came there, and Pragya told him everything. Pragya jokes and smiles. Purab said Pragya that you and Abhi are completely same. Purab asked Pragya not to scold Abhi because Aaliyah is responsible for this and she must have done something to make you wrong in front of Abhi. Pragya agrees, and they both leaves from there.

Aaliyah was looking for Abhi, and she thinks she should not put Abhi’s business under some threat otherwise her future will be in danger. Tanu called Aaliyah and asked her to visit her home. Tanu agrees and says Bhai will come later.

Pragya reached home and saw Dadi, Beeji Sarla staring at her. They were silent, and Pragya asks them why they are reacting like this. Abhi came there and told everyone that Pragya made the mistake and did not apologize, and even I apologize to her.

Pragya said she had played the only CD that she received. Dadi scolds Pragya. Pragya says she will not apologize. Abhi says I will not talk to her. Dadi asked her why you are not forgiving Abhi? Pragya says If I forgive him then he will not revolve around me and now, I am giving him a reason to stay close to me. Dadi says you both are kids.


In the upcoming episode, Aaliyah will tell Abhi that all this happened because of Pragya, and I totally understand it. Aaliyah says we should fire her. Abhi says she made a mistake but its Ok. Let’s not fire her for this. Aaliyah is taken back.