Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2016 Today Written Updates! Dadi Is Shocked

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2016 Today Written Updates! Dadi Is Shocked :- The episode starts with Purab waking up and remembering everything from how he sustained injuries on head. He decides to disclose everything to Abhi, just when he was minutes away from burning Ravana effigy. Purab told him how a bomb was planted in the bouquet.


Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2016  Episode

Hearing it, Abhi ran hard to save Pragya at any cost. He rushed to prevent Pragya from accepting the bouquet. Snatching the bouquet away from her, Abhi threw it hard towards the Ravana effigy where it got bursted. Everyone in the house was stunned.

The Security officials took the family away when Abhi turns to call Pragya. Meanwhile, Tanu pretending to be thoughtful about Abhi felt very hurt about the latter’s feeling for Pragya.

Abhi was desperate to meet Pragya but Tanu explained that she was alright. Aaliya also exclaimed that Pragya was okay. Suddenly, Purab appeared before him and Abhi told him to drop Pragya home. Pragya was in shock. She didn’t expect any such thing to happen to her. He told her how Abhi was seriously worried about her.

Then Aaliya enquired from Abhi that who informed him about the bomb in bouquet? Abhi told Aaliya that it was Purab who informed him everything about the bomb. But suddenly he doubted that who could have possibly told Purab about the bomb?

Then Purab spilled the beans and explained everything to Abhi of what he saw and heard. Abhi enquired about Pragya and asks Purab to tell her to take care of herself. In another scene, Beeji, Sarla and Janki were playing Ludo. Just then Pragya checked in. She wanted to know from them if they went to watch Ravan burning or not. Sarla lied about visiting H-Block which they didn’t.


Precap: In today’s episode, Aaliya and Tannu will have a verbal fight at the former’s room. Suddenly, daadi comes to know about the Aaliya’s cruel intention to kill Pragya. Both Pragya and Abhi were dejected and feeling disappointed. Pragya wondered if she or was it Abhi the real target behind the bombing conspiracy? Watch out today’s episode to find out the truth.