Abhi lifts pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Abhi lifts pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Purab telling Aaliyah to not take Abhi on the wrong track. He told her that she is destroying his market value. Aaliyah told him that Mr Sethi is paying us good value and he even gave us advance.


Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2016 Episode

Aaliyah told him whether he want to bring Pragya back in his life or he wants Abhi to dead as if he tried to remember Abhi about Pragya, then he will die. Abhi looks on.

Pragya looks at rockstar toys and thinks how you could forget me? How you could forget our fight, loves, and sweet moments. She cries holding the toy. She says Fugii name is bad, but it comes well from your mouth.

Meanwhile, Abhi was sleeping and he says Fuggi. then, he wakes and thinks why I use Fuggi. Then, while washing his face, he decided to use Fuggi name in his next song. He makes lyrics like Oh My Fuggi Cookie.

Tanu was seen standing outside the Mehra house and she thinks Aaliyah will shout on me. Aaliyah comes there and told her that Abhi will reject her if he will see her in this post pregnant way. Abhi comes there and Tanu hides. Aaliyah asked Tanu to come before Abhi sees him.

Sari asked Pragy to give Harry Rs. 200-300 to bring the energy drink for Abhi. then, she told Pragya that she is really tensed as Abhi is showing her tantrum. Pragya asked what happened? Saria told her that Abhi wants to get energy before making music and he asked me to bring the energy drink.

Pragya made a coffee and asked Sari to give her the coffee to Abhi. Sari gave the coffee to Abhi and Abhi asked who made this coffee? Saria thinks Abhi dislikes the coffee and told him that receptionist made it.

Abhi reached reception and asked Pragya ho do you know I like this kind of coffee while making music. Pragya told him that she just made it.

On the other side, Tanu asked Aaliyah to make him meet with Abhi once. She also told her that she saw a bad dream that Pragya comes back in his life. Aaliyah says she has gone and today I will take you to meet Abhi.

Aaliyah asked Tanu to dress up hot, so Abhi can’t ignore her. Tanu agreed and told Aaliyah that she will dress up like really hot.

Meanwhile, Pragya told Abhi that she is her big fan and he had shared about her coffee in an interview. Then, he looks at her and goes.


In the upcoming episode, Abhi will lift Pragya in his lap and asked her where is her house? Pragya asked him to get her down. Abhi says you are my biggest fan and today you are on my lap.