Aaliya is shocked! Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aaliya is shocked! Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Pragya telling Sarla that earlier she think if Abhi will see me then it will be harm for his life. But, he saw me and still he is fine, it means I can spend time with her and even talk to her.


Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2016 Episode

Beeji suggests them some plan. Pragya says No, it’s will not be a good idea. Srla agrees to it but Beeji told them that she is not asking for their permission. She asked Kanak to do the massage to Pragya.

Abhi comes back and asked for the permission for leaving. Beeji denies and told her that one comes in the house with their permission but goes with our permission. Abhi says I have to go somewhere, but Dadi blackmails him.

Abhi says I cannot say No to my fans and now, I will wait here for 30 minutes. Beeji and Abhi sit down and plays some game. Meanwhile, Sarla was cooking food for Abhi.

Then, they bring food for Abhi and when he eat one bite, he gets shocked. Sarla and Beeji asked is there anything wrong with the food? Abhi says no, and asked Sarla do you run a tiffin service as I am feeling like I have eaten this food before.

They say we know about your favourite food as we all are your biggest fans. Then, Sarla brought Ras Malai for Abhi. Abhi eats. On the other side, Tanu and Aaliyah were waiting for Abhi. They even called him, but he did not respond. They went back to their house and Tanu cries. She thinks Abhi has gone away from me like Pragya. Aaliyah asked her to shut up.

Meanwhile, Abhi told Beeji and Sarla that food was nice. Sarla and Beeji asked him to visit again. Abhi says sure and he left. Aaliyah came to office and asked the manager why did you upload the Abhi and Pragya’s picture on social networking site. The manager says Abhi has given me this pic. She asked him to delete this pic. Tanu called Aaliyah that her bad dream comes true as she saw Abhi and Pragya pic together. Aaliyah think is this picture is clicked in recent times?


In the upcoming episode, Abhi will tell Aaliyah about his fan. Aaliyah takes random names and also takes Pragya’s name and Abhi says yes. Aaliyah get shocked.