Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Abhi get scared

Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Abhi get scared :- As of now, the popular TV series Kumkum Bhagya is yet to showcases that Abhi will be seeking apologies from the Pragya as he thinks whatever he did with Pragya that was not right. Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) is finally relieved on seeing his secretary, Pragya (Sriti Jha) at the Mehra house.


Abhi thinks to seek apology from Pragya but much before that he thinks that let her do first her schedules work of the office. Pragya asked to Abhi about the decorations but Abhi said that it is he will be proposes the girl today with whom he will be tie knot.

Abhi also asked Pragya that today evening he will be formally announced his wedding with Tanu which makes Pragya panic and upset. Ariti along with Pragya is confused and is thinking of some way to save Abhi from this trap.

Abhi asks Pragya if she believed all the news reports that blamed him for misbehaving with Tanu (Leena Jumani) and regarding the issue Pragya asked to Abhi that she won’t believe anything till it will not happened in front of her eyes.

A moment of silence and romance is witnessed on screen post the Pragya’s comment. Pragya also asked to him sometimes illusion seems like that real one but that is not real at all.

Later, Alia (Shikha Singh) is seen asking all the family members to contribute in the decoration for the party. When everyone asks the reason for the party, she refuses to get into the discussion and leaves to her room. On Abhi’s request Pragya tries to convince Dadi for his marriage with Tanu, but Dadi is annoyed to permit Abhi’s wedding with Tanu.

Precap: Abhi asked Pragya about the incident and asks what you think that I can do that. Pragya says she will never believe on party incident because of the relation which she is having with him.

Abhi looks surprised to hear Pragya’s statement and thought she is having for him and then Abhi just lost in Pragya’s eyes eventually.