Kunj holds yuvi’s collar! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kunj holds yuvi’s collar! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- As the latest report of the TV series Tashan-E-Ishq is going through, strong melodrama is now going on the TV series with lots of the twists and turns. Make sure you should not miss a single episode of the show and if you miss by chance, here is the written episode of the TV series is presenting for you. Now latest report is saying that the Kunj’s character is all set to die in the TV soap Tashan-E-Ishq.

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

And Kunj will be killed by killed by no one else Yuvi’s mother Anita and in order to kill Kunj, Anita actually join hands with the Kunj’s cousin Cherry and both of them now will be killing Kunj. Other than Anita is always there to ruin the happiness of Kunj and Twinkle anyway.

Anyway, the last night episode of the TV series Tashan-e-Ishq begins with Anita says to Cherry that you are useless and idiot, you can’t do one work properly. On the other hand, Leela and her entire family is worry for Kunj and Twinkle as they are going and Leela said that without them my house will be empty. Twinkle and Kunj listened their conversation and they decide to cheer up their mood as they are very emotional now.

So now Kunj organised a dinner and he asked to Leela that he will be cooking the dinner and also Kunj said how nice cook he is. Now Kunj is busy preparing dinner and Twinkle is there in order to help him. In the kitchen when both Twinkle and Kunj were alone, they go romantic then, Kunj kisses Twinkle and both of them dance. In the mean time, Yuvi seems that mom is planning against something Kunj and Twinkle.

So now Yuvi rushes to the Twinkle house to see whether mom did any planning against the family or not. Now in the kitchen Leela arrives and Twinkle said dinner is ready. Now the family is gather to have dinner but Kunj says before dinner will be done we should dance together.

Now the family dance together. They share some quality time with each other but Anita has been seen smirks as she will ruin now the happiness of Twinkle and Kunj happiness.

Precap: Kunj is about to eat food but Yuvi comes and throws away food, Kunj holds Yuvi’s collar and rasied his voice but Yuvi asked to him that don’t eat the food. In food there is poison but Kunj asked to him that you add poison in our life.

And Kunj is in no mood to hear anything and Anita also promised to herself that she will be killing Kunj on the coming days.