Kurt Zouma Cat Video Viral On Social Media, Hitting His Pet Cat Watch Online

Kurt Zouma Cat Video Viral On Social Media, Hitting His Pet Cat Watch Online There are a number of videos getting viral on the internet. Every viral video gets the attention of the viewers on the account of the content of the video. Nowadays, the professional football player of France named “Kurt Zouma” has come to the attention of the public as well as several organizations who are looking after the rights of animals. The French footballer has a cat who he claims to be taming.

Kurt Zouma Cat Video

Kurt Zouma Cat Video

However; it does not seem in the viral video if he literally looks after his pet cat. The viral video of Kurt Zouma is roaming all over the internet. The viral video has generated wrath for the football player because he is beaking his cat in the video. People are watching and sharing the video on various social media platforms. This video is making a hatred image of the football player in public.

Moreover, the video has questioned Kurt Zouma for being an animal assaulter. Not only the footballer but also anyone is not expected to do so with an animal that Kurt Zouma has done with his cat himself. The video has been shared by the footballer himself as if he were doing some fun stuff.

The latest video of Kurt Zouma is getting viral on the internet. Nevertheless, people are not enjoying the video because the video is containing some violence with a cat. Although people are searching the video on the internet yet they are feeling screeched-hearted while watching the concerned video. The video begins when Kurt Zouma is carrying a cat in his hand. He drops the cat on the ground.

For the time being, he kicks the cat before the cat could reach the surface of the ground. Later, he runs after the cat and also tries to hit the cat with all the stuff that he gets in his hand while chasing the cat. This video has introduced a different side of the footballer. The viral video has changed the viewpoints of people for his internal personality.

Who is Kurt Zouma? 

He is a professional football player in France. He is a centre-back in his football team. He is a part of the national football team of France. Other than the national team of France, he also plays for the team of West Ham United Club in the Premier League. He was born in Lyon, France on 27th October 1994. He is 27-year-old.

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