Lalbaugcha Raja receives donation worth Rs 5 crore+ in 7 days, Gold & Silver also

MUMBAI: In the first seven days of Ganeshotav, It is raining money for the Lalbaugcha Raja Mandal. Cash almost worth Rs 5 crore have been counted so far. But, devotees also deposit gold and silver offerings that has thrown up the surprise of the season.


Ashok Pawar who is the former president of the mandal, said that we opened the container to find an artistic pair of large golden feet that weigh 1.1 kg. The golden feet would be worth Rs 39 lakh including labour charges. There is a beautiful trident, also carved in gold.

After the Ganeshotav festival, the ornaments and artifacts will be auctioned.

Pawar said that the hundi had yielded 2.9 kg gold and 40 kg silver at the last count. We have placed 2 collection boxes on either side of the stage. The total sum from the 2 boxes is Rs 2.9 crore. There are several cash boxes placed along the queues where devotees queue up. These have netted Rs 1.73 crore so far. we have received cash worth Rs 4.63 crore.

Vice president of the Mumbai Jewelers Association – Kumar Jain said that In the market, currently, the cost of 10 gm gold is Rs 30,000, therefore around 3 kg of gold are worth Rs 90 lakh. In the market, cost of 1 kg of Silver is at Rs 46,000 so 40 kg would be worth Rs 18.4 lakh.


The cash counting process at Lalbaugcha Raja starts on the second day of the festival. Staffs from the Bank of Maharashtra’s Lalbaug branch are nominated for the task by their branch manager.

Pawar said that separate machines to count banknotes and cash are installed and large boxes containing cash are counted. Our own volunteers are present at the location to assist bank officials.

The annual 3 day auction of the mandal will take place three or four days after Anant Chaturdashi(15th September 2016).
In the last year 2015, the Lalbaugcha Raja mandal earned a sum of Rs 90 lakh from auctioning its ornaments and artefacts. The bestsellers included a golden idol of Ganpati which sold for Rs 7.25 lakh, a bracelet for Rs. 2.87 lakh, a dear little golden house for the same amount and a golden ‘mooshak’ (mouse) for Rs 3.60 lakh. A silver idol sold for Rs 1.55 lakh and an ornate silver mace weighing 1 kg went for Rs 1.01 lakh.