Today Last Episode! Kawach 2nd October 2016 Written Updates! Rajbir To Marry Kabir Sister

Today Last Episode! Kawach 2nd October 2016 Written Updates! Rajbir To Marry Kabir Sister :- The last night episode horror TV series Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se begins with Paridhi is return to the Bundela house isn’t received too well, as she realises that six months have passed by and Rajbir has decided to divorce her. Also, on finding that Shreya is pregnant with Kabir’s child, Rajbir tries to convince Kabir to marry her. But he states he can’t unless his sister is married off first. Rajbir decides to marry Kabir’s sister. Meanwhile, a bewitched doll bonds with Tipsy and makes her follow the commands of a shadow.


The episode further shows that Pari arrives in the Bundela house, he is thinking that perhaps Arhaan already makes Rajbir free from the clutches’ of the Pichashinis Saudamani and Manjulika but after arrival in the house, she is shocked to see that Rajbir accused Pari that she is having an illicit relationship with Arhaan.

Pari is shocked and she tries to make him realised that Arhaan is not a human, he is a Jinn. Dadi is shocked but she gives the nod to Pari but Rajbir refused to believe it and he decided to divorce Pari as she arrives in the Bundela house after 6 months as he thinks that Arhaan leaves her.

Now Rajbir divorce Pari and Pari is keen to leave the Bundela house but Dadi asked to her that she should be here in the Bundela house as the Aatmas (Souls) are gone now but still Rajbir is having threats’ from them and Pari is Kawach to him, so due to Dadi’s insists Pari gives nod to stay in the Bundela house in a separate room from Rajbir. Pari is sceptical of something as in the night she feels something weird.

Rajbir’s sister Shreya is pregnant with Kabir’s child but so Rajbir wishes to tie knot between Kabir and Shreya but Kabir said he can’t marry till his sisters will not be married to a good person as she suffers a lot from her ex-husband, on hearing so Rajbir said that he will be tie knot with Kabir’s sister.

The Bundela family and Pari are shocked to know so and Chacha Ji asked to Rajbir by screaming how he can marry Kabir’s sister as he is already married to Pari. Rajbir asked Chacha Ji that I was married to Pari but now my divorce with her is done so I should move on my life.

Pari tries to convince Rajbir that why he is doing so as she knows that he still loves her. Rajbir said to Pari, yes, I love you and I will love you till I am alive but after knowing what kind of woman you are I can’t be with you.

Pari is shattered with the decision of Rajbir to marry Kabir’s sister and she broke down in tears. “Aye Dil Hain Mushkil”, plays…. and Rajbir just left.