Late Night Car Race: In Bangalore Took 1 life and 2 injured

Late Night Car Race: In Bangalore Took 1 life and 2 injured :- Well, last night wasn’t that cool for the Bangalore main road because a big tragic happened. Here we are talking about, one teenager boy who died, two others who got injured in a late night car race in Bangalore streets. As per the reports, of the police, these three boys are on the road for a race and all of sudden they all faced the accidents which also hit a lorry which is badly damaged in the accident.

As per the sources reports, yesterday night on Bengaluru road around 3 am, these three boys are trying to win a race from each other. All three vehicles they were driving and all the three boys were students of the city’s international school and had hit the elevated expressway of the Electronic City on Saturday night. The trio was driving cars that belonged to their parents. Also, the reports are saying that the teens admitted to driving at the speed of 150-plus km per hour and losing control of the cars.  Also, they added that while exiting the flyover around 3 am on Sunday, they had an accident.

In Bangalore Took 1 life and 2 injured

Also, According to the police reports, the 17-year-old, who was driving a Skoda, died on the spot. An Innova being driven by another teen jumped the median and hit a canter lorry coming from the opposite direction. The teen sustained minor injuries. The third teen, who was in another SUV, sustained minor injuries as well. Even the police are now investigating the whole case and they fired a FIR against the teenagers and their fathers. Also, the reports are saying that they arrested fathers and two of them are leading IT professionals in the city.

Also, the police said “The boys claim they had gone on such drives earlier with more of their school friends… there could have been more casualties,” said Abhishek Goyal, a senior officer of the Traffic Police.