Latest! Kerala Schools: Safe internet training for all students

Latest! Kerala Schools: Safe internet training for all students :- As you all know that these days “Blue Whale” just enters in India. So many kids are being the victim of this sick game. No doubt! It is very important for everyone to educate their children for the safe internet surfing. Also, it is not just important because of the Blue Whale even some other cyber security crimes are getting very popular and being the main reason of crimes nowadays. Overall, it’s important to give training to teenagers who are using the Internet in these days.

This movement starts in India and Kerala Police has devised a program under which as many as 20,000 students from 3,000 schools will be trained about the dangers of cyberspace and the safe practices to be followed. Well, this is one of the best news because is something like that is going to happen the kids are mostly going to be aware of the problem of Internet. You all are going to love this program for sure.

Kerala Schools Safe internet training for all students

The threat of cyber space has taken on new dimensions. For instance, there is a trend of children sharing private photos on social media platforms, especially lovers. However, they do not realise that once uploaded on digital media, the materials are public. There are even cases when children got into the drug trade through internet communications. Hence we want to create awareness among the future generations about the dangers,” said Manoj Abraham, Inspector General, Thiruvananth- apuram Range.

The aim is to teach students about the safe use of the internet – social media dangers, responsible games, password protection and online shopping among others. Training has begun under the Kids Glow program and the aim is to cover 3,000 schools. You can say that this very good step by our government and that’s awesome.