Latest News: A One Foreigner Escaped From Besieged Dhaka Restaurant Bangladesh

Latest News: A One Foreigner Escaped From Besieged Dhaka Restaurant Bangladesh :- Nowadays Bangladesh is suffering from several ISIS attacks. Yesterday they killed a Hindu Priest and on Saturday morning the ISIS took a restaurant hostage. The police force stormed up and saved up to 10 hostages. The Gunmen attacked the upscale cafe in the strategic area of Dhaka late on Friday and had been keeping about 20 hostages, including foreigners before police drenched into the building to try to rescue those hostages inside. At least two policemen were killed at the site.


A police officer at the place said that when defense forces tried to invade the premises at the initiation of the siege they met a hailstorm of bullets and grenades. Television footage showed a fraction of police being led away from the place with blood on their faces and fabrics. Massively armed officers were seen milling on the way outside. The number of captives still in the restaurant was unclear until yesterday, Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan, a deputy director at the Rapid Action Battalion force.

Recently a foreigner probably A Japanese escaped from the sieged from the restaurant after the police poured into the building to free those 20 stuck people inside. The escaped man said that around 20 customers were stuck into the restaurant at the time of onslaught and most of them are foreigners.

As the restaurant has the sitting capacity of only 25 guests. Also, around 15-20 employees of the restaurant were working at the time of the attack.