Latest News! Asphalt Xtreme Series Wants to Challenge the Off-Road Racer

Latest News! Asphalt Xtreme Series Wants to Challenge the Off-Road Racer :- The Gameloft has become the ultimate revolution for the gaming lovers when it comes to delivering the games to the mobiles and Android. The company is all set to bring the new excitement for the lovers of the racing game.


The game has been titled as the Asphalt Xtreme, and it will be the second edition of the Asphalt series. The earlier game was loved by the people all over the globe. Meanwhile, the new game will feature the lineup of rally cars, monster trucks and a vast amount of snowy tracks and dirt.

It will give the player the experience of riding on the the road and off road racing. Apart from this, the game will feature different venues which are inspired from the countries like Thailand, Egypt, Svalbard, and the Gobi desert and will also feature the vehicles like rugged SUVs, rally racers, and buggies that will be applicable according to the different venues.

Meanwhile, the teaser and trailer of the Asphalt Xtreme have shown numbers of the vehicles on the offroad. The Gameloft is yet to announce the launch date of the games but I does their user the chance to get to the official website and pre-register themselves, and in return they will get the 15 coins that will help them to buy the different types of the vehicles, upgrades, a welcome box of cards, an exclusive deal, and the Predator X-18 Intimidate.

The game will be free at the Google play store for the Android user, so if you are racing game freak, just wait for this game.