Latest news: BCCI Planning To Host Organised Mini IPL Starts This September 2016

Latest news: BCCI Planning To Host Organised Mini IPL Starts This September 2016 :- The newborn baby of Cricket has been a revolution since its arrival in World’s Cricket. It was developed to enhance the popularity of Cricket, which was fading in the early 20s.



The t20 Cricket took its first step in the India soil in the form of IPL in 2008 and the billions of population of India had welcomed this new format of Cricket and since then its has been the revolution in making the BCCI the richest board in the world cricket.

The IPL 2016 was ended last month after entertaining the cricketing fans all across the globe. Now, BCCI has introduced a new shorter form of IPL titled as Mini IPL overseas. Anurag Thakur who is the president of-of the BCCI has announced on Friday that” To fill the vacant schedule of September, BCCI is most likely to organise a mini IPL overseas, which will be played away from the home”.

According to the sources, this new version of IPL will be scheduled for two weeks and all the 8 eight teams of the IPL with their full squad will play this new tournament.

This mini IPL will most likely be organised in the US, although there is no officially announcement regarding the venue of this new IPL.

Anurag Thakur also mentioned that” We are yet to decide about this mini IPL as we have to discuss it with all the franchises of the IPL teams and also to the broadcasters.”

As per the reports, all this concept was introduced to the BCCI in 2015, but at that time BCCI was not in the mood to accept this proposal.

The BCCI’s president later accepted that ” many countries are ready to host this mini IPL, but we have to think and decide carefully, keeping in mind the time zone, so that Indian people will be able to enjoy this new format of IPL”

The basic concept behind organising this mini IPL in overseas condition to get the Indian players the experience to play under the floodlight in the home away places. The Indian team is yet to play a day and night test match.

Well , this news will definitely pump up the Cricketing fans across the globe, especially in India.

Stay tuned for the further updates, as we keep you updating with all the information regarding this mini IPL.