Latest News! Heavy rains expected Cyclone Nada makes landfall near Nagapattinam

Latest News! Heavy rains expected Cyclone Nada makes landfall near Nagapattinam :- On Friday, Cyclone Nada made landfall near Nagapattinam at the speed of a speed of 50 km per hour. According to the reports, the deep depression over southwest Bay of Bengal moved westwards with speed of about 10 km per hour.Meanwhile, it is not the first one as the last one off peacefully through the Karaikal coast of Puducherry at 5 am on December 2, 2016. Rajesh Kumar, Cuddalore Collector, informed media wing that ” National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has reached in the city. Apart from this, 41 cyclone relief shelters have been organized for the victims of this cyclone disaster.


The government has advised the fisherman not to get venture into the seas for caughting fishing. The Cuddalore, Nada and Andhra Pradesh will witness a little bit of the dizzle in few upcoming day.

As per meteorologists at the Typhoon Cautioning Center, solid surface winds from the north-east bearing with paces coming to up to 50 kmph would be probably going to win along and off south waterfront Andhra Pradesh until Friday morning. Given the harsh states of the ocean, they instructed the anglers on south waterfront AP to not wander into the ocean.

The district authorities in the view of forecast about moderate rains in south-coastal AP asked the high-level officials to be on alert and asked them to be ready in a situation if any unfortunate incident appears.

On the other side, the government is ready to face any unsubstantial circumstances in case if any cyclone will hit the surface. The two Indian Naval ships Shakti and Satpura are standing by at Vizag to help the people in any uncertain case.

These ships have additional divers, doctors, inflatable rubber boats, integral helicopters and relief material that include food, tentage, clothes, medicines, blankets, etc. to cope up with the casualties of around 5000 people.

Meanwhile, the government has taken the proper measures to avoid any huge human life loss. However, only time will tell, to what extent these preparations will help the people in case any disaster came.