Latest News! Marvel Comics kills The Bruce Banner In Civil War II

Latest News! Marvel Comics kills The Bruce Banner In Civil War II :- End of Bruce’s colors? Well, you heard me, right friends. Marvel group’s comic persona –The Hulk, will be going to die in the forthcoming sequel of the Civil War comic series. As per the report, the character of Hulk (Bruce Banner) portrayed by actor Mark Ruffalo in the comic series is going to end. He got shot by an arrow in the head by his fellow friend Hawkeye.


The character of Hulk the altering ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, since its creation in 1962, and has been managing to control his fierce, outrageous self by strong prescription of medications. But whenever Dr. Banner fails to control his monstrous self, it brings devastation to everything all around.

“This is unknown territory for us. Barely two facts are for certain: It will take a long, long period for our warriors to come to terms with his death, and the situation enclosing his loss will give a huge impact on the superhero likeness,” said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Comics.

In the comic series, Hawkeye considers the need to shoot an arrow in order to stop Banner transforming into his monstrous character, but it ultimately causes the death of Dr. Banner and the Hulk as well. Yet, unlike the other heroes, Marvel Comic has no intention to take back the role of Dr. Banner from the dead and that presumably marks the end of Hulk forever.

This seems to be an interesting part of the story but will it be appreciated by the likes of the Hulk aka Dr. Bruce Banner? Well, it cannot be stated right now. Just waiting for the sequel to come. Are you excited for the next season of the Civil War? Tell us in the comment section below and stay tuned with us for more.