Latest News! Ramya Krishnan keens to play the role of Amma

Latest News! Ramya Krishnan keens to play the role of Amma :- Chennai Today, a photoshoped poster of Ramya Krishnan to look like the late CM of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa has gone viral on the social media. The poster is an imaginary film titled Mother(Amma). This poster was made by the franchise called Fully Filmy. The tagline of the poster is that – The story of a queen! More, the poster creator has also taken the crediting Karthik Subbaraj as the director of the hypothetical project.

After gone viral on social media, many fans seem to happy with the poster creator. The fans also expressed on social media that they would like to watch a film like that, with Ramya playing the role of Amma. There is yet another factor which goes in favour of this fantasy because the voice of both Ramya and Amma are resemble. When asked Ramya about the poster, the Baahubali actress said that I am aware of it. I got the poster on my WhatsApp messenger. My friend sent the poster to me.  It must be a fan-made poster.

She further said that it was a figment of imagination of someone. Ramya seems to be excited to play the role of Amma. Further, Ramya said that earlier, many journalists have asked me about my dream role, then I did not have an answer. But now I can say that I want to portray Jayalalithaa madam. It is the dream role I would want to play in my career.

She said that Jaya madam was one of the most admired and revered ladies of our times. Amma was a bold and highly intelligent lady who was an inspiration to millions of women including me. If I get an opportunity in future to reprise her, it is a very big honour for  me and I do not miss that chance.