Latest news: Sara khan aka Monjulika Is Back On Kawach kaali Shaktiyo Se

Latest news: Sara khan aka Monjulika Is Back On Kawach kaali Shaktiyo Se :- Ssara khan aka Monjulika on the Kavach kaali Shaktiyo Se will be back on the show to create hazards in Pari and Rajbir’s life as she used to do before. As we know she was trapped in a ring by Arjun Bijlani aka Arhaan and Saudamini was trying to liberate her since her daughter got trapped. Talking about Ssara She was busy in shooting for her maiden TV show Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai with actor Noor Hasan in Karachi, Pakistan.


And the rumours were saying Ssara has left the program, she is one of the powerful characters of the show . The show is having a month period before the happy end and Thereafter Naagin will be back with season 2 featuring Shakti Arora and Mouni Roy. The next season will replace the current on Diwali. Meanwhile, in

Talking about the current lining of the show, Rajbir and Paridhi will share some light-hearted moments before Monjulika will be released. In the last episode, Mona Singh and Vivek Dahiya shot a romantic moment as they believe Monjulika will never come back.

However, Rajbir’s brother Anurag Sharma aka Shakti Bundela will be the traitor who is Saudamini’s son and brother of Monjulika. He will be successful to release Mounjulika and the show continues as it was. The upcoming episodes will have a marriage sequence of Monjulika and Rajbeer and Pari will try to stop them by hook or crook.

A month ago, Kavach replaced a very popular and TRP-topper show Naagin but failed to create the corresponding impression of the mythical fantasy drama on the audience. However, the drama succeeds to stay among the top 10 programs.  Which signifies the show is doing well, perhaps the repeated comparison with Naagin season 1 effects it to the extent. Kawach will end by this September and Naagin 2 will take the slot back.