Latest News: Two-Division Tests & One-Day League Match on ICC Agenda

Latest News: Two-Division Tests & One-Day League Match on ICC Agenda :- The ICC has been working hard over last few years to enhance the quality and popularity of cricket. They have developed the t20 cricket when Cricket’s popularity was fading and losing its identity in the Globe.


The t20 has been a revolution in popularising the Cricket across the globe. But now ICC is looking to maintain the quality of the Cricket , especially in the Test matches and the One Day Matches.

The International Cricket Council’s members were in the meeting a week ago in Scottish Capital where all were gathered to decide upon the creation of the two division of the One Day Cricket and the Test Cricket.

It is believed that the Test matches are matters for Australia and England only, where they used to play 5 Test matches in the Ashes series. This is simply because of the fact that the first Internation Test Match was played between the Australia and the England in 1877.

In recent past , ICC had developed the Test ranking but it failed to make any impact in the mind of the cricketing fans.

According to the ICC officials, the modern-day Cricketers are getting attracted towards the domestic t20 tournaments like IPL, BBL, CPL and much more where they are getting opportunities to debit their account with a heavy bunch of money in Crores within the short span of time.

So, why they would look to play the long five-day Cricket where they are getting fees in only a few lakhs. Even broadcasters are getting a solid amount of money in these domestic t20 competitions for broadcasting those matches.

David Richardson who is the chief executive of ICC told the media wings that” ICC want solid competition in all the three formats( Test, ODI & t20)”.

He also mentioned that” We want less cricket but it should be more meaningful cricket”. It looks very clear that the David Richarson is behind the scene to improve the quality and popularity of Test Cricket and ODI Cricket.

As per reports, two division for Test Cricket will be there, 7 teams will be placed in the one division and the 5 teams including the two new test playing nation will be placed in the second division.

Then the Test Cricket will be played like a proper league and this league will get the sponsors and will be promoted. Each team will paly with the every other team in their division where both home series and the away-home series will be organised for all the teams of both the division.

Team with the most win will be tagged with the No. 1 ranked test team in the world.

Every team will get the point for their every win. Thus it will enhance the equal importance to all the test playing nation. Also, the series like Ashes are allowed to be organised separately from this division.

Also, two teams will get the opportunity to crack at the test level. Ireland is the first team who is expected to get the tag of Test Playing nation.

The same consideration will be applied to the ODI format where 13 teams will be placed in the multiple division. If this method will be applied, then the Champions Trophy will only become the tournament which all the teams will look to win in order to qualify for the world cup 2019.

This concept could prove to be a turning point in the world cricket and we can say it is necessary especially after the retirements of the entertainer of Test cricket like Adam Gilchrist, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar and much more.