Latest Update: Google to create a new search index for smartphone Users

Latest Update: Google to create a new search index for smartphone Users : An American technology company, ‘Google’ is reportedly serving on a new search index for an enhanced user activity.Google is attempting to make the Web encounter for portable clients better by ordering indexed lists for cell phones. As indicated by a report in Search Engine Land, Google will make another essential hunt list down cell phone clients in the coming months.



Google prime announced their ideas of working on a unique mobile search index at the SMX East development last year. No particular aspects of the scheme were told back then except for what the idea of such an implementation will be.

According to the announcement, the search monster through this would be able to give users with particular mobile content sooner than exporting the data from desktop gratified in series to produce mobile rankings.

Google’s Aim Analyst Gary Illyes has further verified that the fresh mobile index will be delivered in a few months.

Google’s fresh survey recommended that 53% of the users are most likely of starting a website whenever it hasn’t filled in up to 3 seconds.

In matter, Google’s freshly launched AMP Project addresses the problem of heavy website loading on the internet. It obviously takes less than 1 second for an AMP page to a load of Google Search whereby saving 10 times more data as correlated to a similar non-AMP page, said Google in a blog post.

Google’s AMP page was declared last year and there have been above 600 million AMP records since then. The company’s overall goal to achieve a better mobile search activity with the implementation of a new search index, therefore, comes across as a straightforward movement.