Laura Anna Dies, What Happened With Gaga Muhammad Why He Will be Sentenced

The Indonesian celebrity, Laura Anna, has been reported to be dead lately. She has lost her life at the age of21 years. She was much too young to die. Her death was unexpected; however, she was suffering from paralysis in her legs. She had been fighting to gain justice in an accident case therein she received injuries to paralysis. She had been fighting this case since 20219. As far as the accident is discussed, The related accident was a result of a car crash by her ex-boyfriend “Gaga Muhammad.”

Laura Anna Dies

Gaga Muhammad is an actor and the prime accused of the worsening condition of Laura Anna. She was struggling with both her physical recovery as well as a court case of her car accident. She was a famous celebrity before 2019. Later, people initiated looking at her with sympathy.

Laura Anna Dies

She has lost her life on December 15, 2021, at 09:22 PM. Her sudden passing away has brought a surge of people to her support on a large scale in the context of providing her justice. People have started a movement on Twitter to bring justice to the 2019 accident case. People are giving pungent comments to Gaga Muhammad.

How is Gaga Muhammad?

He is in jail as he was responsible for the 2019 car crash wherein his ex-girlfriend had paralysis in her legs. He admitted his crime and was put behind the bars. On the account of his car crash, he was sentenced. As Anna has lost her life yesterday, people are demanding to extend the punishment as if he was responsible for the death of his ex-girlfriend. Although the public lawyer is claiming the car accident to be a reason for the death of the female celebrity yet his lawyer is also calling the death of the female celebrity to be a natural phenomenon and not relating to the 2019 car accident in any way.

Who was  Laura Anna?

She was an Indonesian celebrity. She was a Celebgram model and a YouTuber. She was born and dwelled in JakartaIndonesia on September 20, 2021. Her parents, Gabor Edelenyi from Hungary and Ameilia from Batak, North Sumatra and Malay, felt blessed to have such a courageous daughter. In 2019, she met with a car crash that resulted in her legs to be suffering from paralysis. Her ex-boyfriend, Gaga Muhammad is in jail as he has been considered the convict in this car crash. Anna has lost her life on 15th December 2021.



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