Lawyer in Bihar files case against “Lord Rama” for Cruelty to “Sita”

Lawyer files case against “Lord Rama” for Cruelty to “Sita” : An advocate in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district on 1st February 2016 has filed a case against Lord Ram and his brother Laxman for renouncing his wife Sita in Ramayana.


In the case, petitioner Thakur Chandan Singh has accused Lord Ram of renouncing Sita.

He has also charged Laxman for helping Lord Ram in this matter and said that the latter insulted Sita without verifying facts.

The man who files the case against Lord Rama says that, “Lord Rama was cruel to his wife that he leaves her in the Jungle. How can be a man be so cruel to his own wife and that to without her fault in anything.”

The court will now hear the case on Monday where a decision will be taken on whether to accept the plea or reject it.