Leaked Specs: Microsoft Surface Andromeda | Sport Foldable design, come with Surface Pen

Leaked Specs: Microsoft Surface Andromeda sports Foldable design, come with Surface Pen-Features: – The media reports said that the Andromeda can sport a feature that will be users friendly. As per the media reports the Microsoft, the upgraded technology, and the mobile are now behind them.

Microsoft Surface Andromeda Specification

It is really yet to see the Microsoft Surface Andromeda as it exists today, is as good as dead and the tech giant stated by the team that the working of this Microsoft Surface Andromeda is going to be somehow different as well it can consider as the future of communication.

Regarding this, the news and hint are coming about the Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda which is reportedly going to work in all device which will be consists of the foldable design.

Moreover this hardware, Microsoft is all set to bring in some qualitative changes.

On the design front, in the Microsoft Surface Andromeda  which is having an operating system, the Windows Core one maybe relate to the Surface tablets which also appeared in a foldable option with a turning point in the middle that can help to spread the display

This latest Surface Andromeda will be going to be available in the all mobile phones with an akin foldable design with a pivot acting as the connector between the 2 panels and there will 3 distinct option, 0 degrees, 180 degrees, and 360 degrees. Microsoft Unveils Always Connected PCs Asus HP with 4G LTE

This is an electrifying piece of news about the Windows Core OS and this is the concept which works literally, if these reports are to be believed, then the Microsoft Surface Andromeda can have a universal OS which will arrange and organised in the all mobile phones and for that kind of devices which are used for the making mobile phones.

Microsoft Surface Andromeda can be used in the smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It will fundamentally be the Windows 10 platform then modifications will be needed only to support the mobile format for usage.

On the other side, Microsoft Surface Andromeda can be equating this with the iOS which are very similar to the characteristic.

The tiles that you are used to with the Windows OS for years can be abandoned for the consecutively times.

The grapevine suggests that the country China is expert in this new mobile device that Microsoft all set to release in the Andromeda project which sports a feature make it possible for the user to turn the device into a projector in order to make the presentations good. Acer launched its Windows Mixed Reality headset in India

This feature is going to allow the mobile phone to use the projector mode for at least an hour. But now there is absolutely no confirmation about this news comes out anyway.

Besides the above, the Surface Andromeda phones are also likely to be equipped with note-taking capabilities with the Windows Ink and Surface Pen playing their part and Microsoft’s One Note will also see some upgrades to facilitate this capability.

The processor of this new Surface Andromeda phones may be fitted with, the conjecture is that Qualcomm’s next version Snapdragon 845 may be the chipset Microsoft may go in for.

This also tallies with the earlier Windows 10 on ARM project for which the company is already working for and it is being attempted to be stretched to one full day and this could be enhanced, extended or enlarge in any damn phone.

None of the details above have received any official confirmation from Microsoft.