Leela & Yuvi get Tensed! Tashan-e-Ishq 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Leela & Yuvi get Tensed! Tashan-e-Ishq 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Twinkle and Yuvi get to their room at Sarna home, Than Twinkle lights searching for data, she notices it and tells there is wedding record of Kunj and my wedding in this.


Tashan-e-Ishq Episode Written Updates

There is Kunj’s thumbprint on that, they begin going with file however Usha gets there and notices them, they get tensed.

Where on the other side, Before this incident, Yuvi comes outside Twinkle’s room dressed as attendant, other medical attendant asks where he is going?

Yuvi says taking the drug for the patient, medical caretaker permits him to go inside Twinkle’s room. Yuvi goes to Twinkle’s room dressed as male medical caretaker.

He requests that Twinkle wakes up, he tries to take her from that point by liberating her hands, Twinkle is oblivious so Yuvi lifts her in arms and leaves with her.

In doctor’s facility, specialist sees medical attendant meandering and asks what he is doing there and not guarding Twinkle’s room?

The medical caretaker says I came to eat something, specialist gets tensed thinking Twinkle can run. Yuvi puts Twinkle on wheel seat and begins taking off.

Specialist goes to Twinkle’s room and sees some person lying on a bed while secured with the sheet from head to toe, he supposes it’s Twinkle and says express gratitude toward God she is here, he requests that attendant continues guarding her room, he clears out.

Twinkle has head lied on Yuvi’s shoulder in rearward sitting arrangement of auto while Leela is driving.

Twinkle awakens and says I knew you would come and won’t let anything transpire, you realize what that Rocky. Kunj was stating? that I have gone distraught.

Yuvi says it’s alright, till I am with you, I won’t let anything transpire, he covers her with his jacket, Leela grins at him, Leela inquires as to whether she is fine? she gestures.

Yuvi says you need to guarantee to not do this toxic substance stunt once more, your battle is greater so you must be solid and don’t drown in feelings once more.

Guarantee me you won’t do it once more, Twinkle holds his hand to guarantee. Twinkle, Yuvi, and Leela are in auto, Twinkle says to Yuvi that I have a thought.

Everybody at home supposes I am in the healing center, they don’t realize that I am not there, this is great opportunity to go home and locate some confirmation against Rocky.

Leela says no need, you have to rest, Twinkle says please let me go, this time, I will make a point to get something that will demonstrate that Rocky is Kunj just, Leela and Yuvi look on tensed.