What Was Leslie Griffith Cause Of Death? Longtime KTVU Journalist and Anchor Dies Aged 66, Obituary

What Was Leslie Griffith Cause Of Death? Longtime KTVU Journalist and Anchor Dies Aged 66, Obituary:- The renowned journalist and anchor of KTVU Channel 2 News named Leslie Griffith apparently died. She took her last breath on Wednesday, 10th August 2020. The news of the passing away of Leslie Griffith has made a number of her fans upset. This news has surged a spate all across the internet. As per the sources, the news of the passing away of Leslie Griffith has been confirmed by her both family and friends.

What Was Leslie Griffith Cause Of Death Longtime KTVU Journalist and Anchor Dies Aged 66 Obituary Funeral Career Husband Wiki Bio Children Married Channel Name

No sooner did the news of the passing away of Leslie Griffith become a topic of conversation for a number of people than numerous social media personalities shared this news via their social media handles on the internet. She was a veteran anchor in KTUV and she served the news agency for 22 years as an anchor. She was concerned a fearless anchor.

A number of people are sharing the news of the passing away of the discussed KTVU anchor as a gesture of s0rr0w and respect for Leslie Griffith on the internet. A number of people have stated something on social media in the respect of Leslie Griffith. After the passing away of Leslie Griffith, there is a series of condolence messages for the family of Leslie Griffith. In this article, we are likely to discuss Leslie Griffith as well as the reason for her passing away in brief so that all the readers of this article may get to know about this news.

Who Was Leslie Griffith?

She was a journalist and TV news anchor. She embarked on her career in the newspaper business for Associated Press and The Denver Post. Later, she joined KTVU and remained working there for 22 years. She was born on 1st January 1956. She died on 10th August 2022. According to some sources, she was aged 66 years when she died.

Leslie Griffith Cause of Death

The news of Leslie Griffith’s demise has been expressed by people and the news of her passing away is disseminated on the internet. According to the sources, she died of Lyme disease. she will be missed by her family and friends.

Leslie Griffith Obituary

As far as we know, Leslie Griffith’s passing away has been expressed by her family but the details regarding her funeral ceremony and obituary are not shared yet. The details regarding her funeral and obituary will be disclosed soon. May God give the soul of Leslie Griffith a place in Paradise to rest in peace.

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