Lil Kawaii Cause Of Death Reason Passed Away Due To Drug Overdose On Friday

The death news of the musical artist, Lil Kawaii has been surfacing on the internet like wildfire and if the reports are to be believed, then, the talented musical artist is reported to have passed away on 27th August 2021, Friday due to a drug overdose. The demise new of Kawaii was first announced in public by a Bipolar artist named, “Lalonie” over her Twitter account. Although she did not reveal much about how the young rapper died, she recommended her fans, to take care of their companion and keep them safe. This year, we witnessed that too many talented and young artists from across the globe lost their dear life due to the drug pills and their overdose.

Lil Kawaii Cause Of Death

Lil Kawaii Cause Of Death

Recently, the close friend of Kawaii, the sensational hip-hop and cloud rap artist of America, Lil Tracy took over his Instagram account and did a live stream on his IG TV. In the video, the rapper looked in a dishevelled state and was seen crying hysterically. It looks like the passing of Kawaii has deeply affected him and he is having a hard time adjusting and coming to terms with the painful reality that Kawaii is not anymore.

The 25-year old American rapper, singer-songwriter, Tracy had been a close friend of Kawaii and were often seen hanging out together. The death of the rapper certainly devastated the fans as well as the whole rapping community, and although we do not know much about what exactly happened to Kawaii, the only thing that is surfacing on the internet states that the young artist died because of overdose.

It is not something that we are saying blatantly on a false assumption, the tweet did by Lalonie also hinted at the same thing. The tweet of Lalonie reads, “three days ago, my friend Inju died from an overdose. Last night, I hosted her vigil. This morning, I woke up to the news of another friend dying from an overdose. Kindly take care of your friend and keep them safe. Would not wish this pain on anyone. Rest in peace INJU and Rest in peace Lil Kawaii.”

Moreover, Lil Tracy was also seen crying over the death of Lil Kawaii. He went IG Live and was seen saying” stop taking fake pills. Stop taking drugs”. It is so heartbreaking that because of the excess consumption of drugs, the rapper lost his dear life. We wish and hope that people will understand that taking something which is hazardous for your health in long-run but pleasurable in short-run is not good. It will only end up bad for you, especially for your loved ones. May the soul of the rapper rest in peace.

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