Link: Akanksha Dubey Video Goes Viral, Insta Video of Bhojpuri Actress Akanksha Dubey Reddit

The breaking news about a well-known and very famous Bhojpuri actress Akansha Dubey and her vital video. Yes, we are talking about Akansha Dubey’s viral video before the committed suicide. The Bhojpuri industry is at the top, for nearly a few years. The Bhojpuri industry actors are very famous on every platform. After getting successful, every star faced many problems in their life. Basically, in Bhojpuri movies female actor is famous for their bold content. Akansha Dubey was a Bhojpuri actor. She had a huge fan following in the Bhojpuri industry but recently her video goes viral after committing suicide. There are many questions that are raised. What was in her viral video? why commit suicide? let’s read in detail.

Akanksha Dubey Viral Video

A very famous Bhojpuri Actor Akansha Dubey was 25 years old. After went viral her video her fans are now in shock. In her viral video, she was crying. In her video, she was accusing a person. In her viral video, you can see, she was asking for help and feeling depressed. According to the reports, maybe she was going from a big problem, that’s why she was crying in her video and asking for help. In her 38-second length video, she makes her fans shocked. Her fans want to know what wrong happened with her. In her viral video, she takes the name of a person, named Samar Singh, who did something wrong to her.

Akanksha Dubey Video Goes Viral

In her viral video, you can see, when she was crying in her video, she was saying whatever happened to her, Samar Singh will responsible for it. She was scared too much of Samar Singh, it was clearly seen in her video. As per reports, Akansha Dubey allegedly committed suicide in her hotel room in Varanasi On Sunday. She was found hanging in her Hotel room in the Sarnath area. After her death, the police informed her family of the incident.

On Saturday night, a day ago the suicide, she shared a video of herself on her Instagram account. Almost a month ago, Akansha Dubey shared a photo on her Instagram account with her Co-star Samar Singh. You can hear in her viral video, she was saying that  ” Samar Singh is responsible for everything that happened wrong with me. What wrong I have done? Further, she said, I can’t be able to live on this earth anymore. This is my last conversation with everyone. According to the sources, the cops nonetheless are investing in the case. May her soul rest in peace.  If we get any other important information about this case, we will post it on the same site.

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