Lionel Messi goal puts Argentina top of World Cup group, Argentina 1-0 Uruguay

Lionel Messi goal puts Argentina top of World Cup group, Argentina 1-0 Uruguay :- The world’s greatest footballer Lionel Messi has again proved his worth in the latest match played against the Uruguay. This match was conducted on Thursday and thanks to the solid goal from Messi, Argentina went to win the match by 1-0.


Messi not only won this particular match but he lifted them to the top of the South American qualifying group for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia.

This match was critically held and the result was looking difficult to get. But, this is where the brilliance of Messi came into play. Messi created a special goal just before the half-time and took the defenders of Uruguay to smash a sensational goal from the outside the box.

This goal not only gave Argentina a win but Messi himself reached an another milestone. With this goal against Uruguay, Messi became the Argentina’s top scorer to 56 in his 114th internationals.

This win is measured as one of the most brilliant matches in the history of Argentina because Messi led this team with only 10 players on the field after young forward Paulo Dybala was sent off on the stroke of halftime.

Meanwhile, after the match, Messi talked to the media wing. Messi told media wing that “I wanted to be here after all the confusion I’d caused by first saying I wasn’t coming and then that I was. From the moment I said that, the fans showed me a lot of affection and I’m really grateful, I couldn’t not come back.”

Argentina is currently topping the chart with 14 points in seven matches in the 10 group nation. Meanwhile, the teams like Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador are just behind Argentina by one point.