“Lionel Messi is a great friend” says Cristiano Ronaldo

The soccer is top most popular sport in all corners of the world with people not just loves it, but they worship it. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two names that have gained the God figure in the world of football. Although, there has been a lot of talk about rivalry between these two superstar. In a recent interview at the media wing, Portugal superstar talked about his rivalry with the Messi.


Ronaldo said ” we both have mutual respect for each other. Despite media person tried to make it a serious rivalry between me and time, we are are good friends and there is considerable amount of mutual respect.”

Cristiano also talked about his relationship with the legendary footballer manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He said that ” Sir Alex is a father figure for me. When I joined the Manchester United I was a boy and at that time I needed a guy like Sir Alex. When I joined Real Madrid I was a mature man.”


The star footballer who has a brilliant record for Manchester United with 84 goals in 196 appearances lauded current Manchester United manager, José Mourinho who is receiving a criticism for the poor performance of his club.

Ronaldo said ” Jose Mourinho was a big thinker analytically, and he went deeply into a particular issue.” Meanwhile, Ronaldo believes he himself is the biggest influence on his legendary football career.