Lionel Messi is facing 2 Years Ban after he accused CONMEBOL of Fixing Copa America for Brazil

Lionel Messi is facing 2 Years Ban after he accused CONMEBOL of Fixing Copa America for Brazil: Lionel Messi could face a harsh punishment as he commented on the CONMEBOL the continental governing body of football in South America that they have fixed the COPA America Tournament. He accused in the straight statement and indicated that the federation and referees are involved in the “fixing” of the Copa America for Brazil. It is really shocking news for the whole football community.

As you all might know that on Sunday Brazil beat up Peru with 3-1 at the at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. They have lift their ninth Copa America title and fifth on home soil. This was great news until Messi said something controversial and lashed out at the refereeing and felt that the tournament was set up for the hosts Brazil.

You all should know that Messi’s Argentina lost to Brazil 2-0 in the semi-final of the tournament. After that he was in shock and he admitted that the whole tournament is fixed. You might know that in the match they were denied a couple of penalties. After the loss, Messi criticised the refereeing in front of the reporters and said harsh words.

Also, the Messi  didn’t just stop their he went a step further in accusing CONMEBOL after Argentina’s 2-1 win over Chile. Messi claimed, “We don’t have to be part of this corruption. The lack of respect that they have showed us throughout this tournament. Also, he added, “Sadly, the corruption, the referees, they don’t allow people to enjoy football, they ruined it a bit and I think the cup is fixed for Brazil. I hope that the VAR and the referees have nothing to do in this final and that Peru can compete because they have the team to do so although I think it’s difficult.”