Live: Nirmal Lottery NR 40 Results 20-10-2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today

Live: Nirmal Lottery NR 40 Results 20-10-2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today: -Kerala lottery for Nirmal NR 40 Lottery is all set to drawn today on 20th October 2017 this Friday. This lottery will is all set to directly go to declares by the Kerala Lottery Department. This is the Kerala lottery which is directly coming from the State Government of Kerala. Kerala lotteries are very popular lottery system in the state as it is actually conducted very transparently. Surely if you have purchased the Nirmal NR 40 Lottery then the official media portal of the Kerala Lottery is the right place to see the result of the Nirmal Lottery NR 40 which will be declassed by the Kerala Lotteries.

This Kerala lottery draws will be conducted to have LIVE results which will be declared by publicly at the venue and the draws will progress there. So the first prize winning number is going to upload live on this noon 3:33 PM.

The results will be based on the information from the drawing spot. There will be some chances of mistakes in live winning numbers, but still, they are very rare.

We request you to always verify your winning numbers once again post the Official results of the Nirmal NR 40 Lottery.

Nirmal NR 40 Lottery Results

A lottery is a form of legalized government gambling which includes the distribution of money as the prize to the people who win the same. Lotteries are outlawed by some governments, while some other Governments promote the regular basis.

Today are the Kerala Lottery results Nirmal Lottery NR 40. If you purchased the Kerala Lottery tickets so you can check the Kerala Lottery Results here.

Nirmal NR 40 Results:

The Nirmal NR-40 Lottery Result will be declared and t is available in the official medium of Kerala State Lottery Department.

The Nirmal Lottery Prize money details are as follows 2nd Prize of NR 40 Lottery is Rs. 500,000, Third prize Rs. 100,000, fourth prize 10,000/- with a consolation prize of Rs 10,000.

Nirmal Lottery NR 40 Prize Structure:

Consolation Prize-
Rs. 10,000/-

2nd Prize-
Rs :500,000/-

3rd Prize-
Rs :100,000/-

4th Prize-
Rs. 10,000/-

5th Prize-
Rs. 5,000/-

6th Prize-
Rs. 1,000/-

7th Prize-
Rs. 500/-

8th Prize-
Rs. 100/-

The prize winners of Nirmal Lottery NR 40 are suggested to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette.

It is also said to surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

Kerala Lottery Nirmal NR 40 Results 20/10/2017:

Nirmal NR 40 Lottery Results live will commence from 3.30 PM. Kerala Lottery Results Nirmal NR 40 is all set to available in the coming days.

For more updates download the Kerala Lottery App so that you will receive each notification of the Nirmal NR 40  post it will be declared.

If your number is present in this Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal Lottery NR 40 PDF, then you are one of the Lucky winners of Kerala State Lottery.

You need to check the Kerala State lottery results carefully if you won a Lottery be careful to claim Nirmal NR 40 Lottery prize money.