Live Streaming Bhilai-Charoda Municipal Election Result 2016 Announced

Live Streaming Bhilai-Charoda Municipal Election Result 2016 Announced :- On 30th December 2016 it is the Chhattisgarh Nagar Palika winner is announced after live counts, the counting of the votes are still going on and the news update about the same is being telecast on the TV channel as well as on the live streaming video including youtube. Bhilai Charoda Chhattisgarh municipal elections for Konta, Prem Nagar, Bhopalpattnam, Narharpur, Maro, Bhairamgarh and Municipality Khairagarh are yet announced.

The Bhilai-Charoda municipal election result of 2016 are being telecast in the TV channel including, IBC24, Sahara Samay, DD Chhattisgarh, Sahara Samay Chhattisgarh, India News, News Nation, Jan TV, DD News, Live India, NDTV India, News 24, News Nation, Zee News.

Lok Sabha TV, Rajya Sabha TV, Aaj Tak, India 24×7, IBN-7, News World India, Focus News, Zee 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh, Sadhana News Chhattisgarh, India News Chhattisgarh and so on.

Chhattisgarh election commission is conducted elections for Single Mayor Post on 27th December 2016, and then the voting’s receives massive support from the very same day.

Within Afternoon Result will be official Declared for the Municipal for Bhilai-Charoda in Chhattisgarh State, in this elections there are 8 candidates are participates and they are in race for the Chandrakanta Mandle (BJP), Jyoti Banjare (Indian National Congress), Urmila Banjare, Baleshwari Vadekar, Geeta Baghel, Pushpa Gendare, Ragini Devi Soniand Resham Jangde.

BJP Minister in Chhattisgarh Brijmohan Agrawal claimed that the saffron party would register an easy win in the Bhilai-Charoda Municipality Polls as in the last year it is the BJP had suffered heavy losses in the municipal elections. The party had managed to win just four of the 10 municipal corporations, 16 of 39 municipalities and 37 of 105 Nagar Panchayats so this year it is expected the party to win the same elections’.